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Extra School Money For Sports And Athletics? Some Ideas For How To Spend It

It is rare to have extra money for your school's sports and athletics department. Maybe you had a good year with fundraising. Maybe you had a record year in attendance at sporting events. Whatever the cause, now you have to figure out what to do with the extra money.  Here are a few options to ponder.

Custom Digital Displays for Games

If your gym display or your outdoor football, field and track display is looking a little faded and dated, maybe you want to spend some of the department's extra funds on custom digital displays. Rather than that basic board in the gym, you can get one with a side-scrolling info bar for sharing important dates and times for upcoming team events. You could also get a football display with your team's colors, logos, etc., and really make a splash for future games. 

New Uniforms for the Team(s)

Football uniforms, pads, shoes/cleats, tanks, shorts, swim team suits, etc., all have to be paid for. Usually, parents are stuck with the cost, but wouldn't it be nice if the school could buy new uniforms this year? After all, you probably have several team members who were playing last year and will continue playing until they graduate. Invite the parents of your players to take a vote, and see who gets the new uniforms.

New Sports Opportunities

What is more exciting than attending high school sporting events? Attending sporting events of an entirely new sport that the school has never had before! If your school does not have a soccer team, lacrosse team, golf team, or other non-traditional high school sport, maybe it is time to use the extra funds to create a team. Having more options to play other sports may encourage other students to come out for team sports or get transfer students involved in school activities.

New Equipment

What school doesn't need more and better equipment for sports? Everything from practice balls to nets and goal posts count, and most of it only lasts for a decade or two. While coaches and teachers get to select needed equipment from the budgets they are given, wouldn't it be nice to be able to also purchase extra equipment above and beyond the annual budget? At the very least, team sports and general physical education classes could share the equipment when it is not needed for sports games and competition games against other teams.

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