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TV Installation In Small Spaces: Tips And Tricks

If you're like many people who've recently made the decision to downsize to a smaller space, you may already know that one of the primary challenges you'll face when installing a TV in a small space is the issue of balance — after all, you want your TV to be prominent enough for comfortable viewing, but not so overpowering that it dominates the room. Here's what you need to know.

Picking the Right Size TV

With limited space, the size of your TV becomes crucial. A screen that's too large can overwhelm your room, while one that's too small can leave you squinting. It's about striking the right balance between viewing comfort and proportion. You might want to consider using an online TV size calculator, which can suggest the ideal screen size based on the distance you'll be sitting from the screen.

Opting for a Wall Mount

A wall mount can be a real space-saver in a small room. By mounting your TV on the wall, you eliminate the need for a bulky TV stand or entertainment center. Plus, a wall-mounted TV can give your room a sleek, modern look. Just ensure your wall mount is installed correctly and securely to prevent any accidents.

Utilizing Corners

When space is at a premium, don't overlook your corners. Corner TV mounts allow you to make use of these often underutilized spaces. With a swivel feature, you can adjust your TV's angle for optimal viewing from different parts of the room.

Considering the Viewing Height

Whether you're wall mounting or using a stand, the height at which you install your TV plays a big role in viewing comfort. The general rule of thumb is that the middle of the TV screen should be at eye level when you're seated. This position can prevent neck strain and provide the best viewing angle.

Managing Wires and Cables

In small spaces, clutter can easily become overwhelming, and nothing contributes to visual clutter like a tangle of wires. Consider using cable management solutions, like cord covers or tubing, to keep your wires tidy and concealed. If you're mounting your TV on the wall, you might even consider in-wall cable management for a cleaner look.

Pairing with Suitable Audio

While a great picture is essential, don't forget about the sound. However, in small spaces, large speakers or a full surround sound system might be overkill. Consider a soundbar, which can offer high-quality audio without taking up much space.

Reach out to a TV installation service to learn more.

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