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Crucial Attributes For A Hiking Speaker

If you enjoy hiking, there are lots of different ways that you can approach this activity. While solitary hikes in which you enjoy the quiet of nature can be appealing on some occasions, there are other times that you might enjoy listening to music, especially if you're hiking with family or friends. Instead of using your earbuds, consider buying a portable speaker. There are many portable speakers that are perfect for hiking. You can create a playlist that will energize and motivate you and your group. All you need to do is pair your mobile device with the speaker, and then tap the "play" button as you embark on your hike. Here are some crucial attributes for a hiking speaker.

Small Size

You definitely want your hiking speaker to be smaller in size. Carrying a large speaker on a hike is impractical. You'd either take up a lot of space in your hiking backpack with the speaker or be forced to keep it in your hands. Neither solution is desirable, so you should focus on a small speaker instead. You'll likely be impressed with the sound quality that many small speakers offer, and you'll also appreciate that carrying this device doesn't add much weight, especially when you're hiking up a hill.


You'll also want to look for a portable speaker that has a clip attached to it. Many speakers that are suitable for hiking have this feature. A clip will allow you to attach the speaker to your backpack, where it can hang and provide music for you and those around you. If you aren't carrying a backpack on a specific hike, it's easy to clip the speaker to your belt or the belt loop of your pants. If you want members of your hiking group to take turns carrying the speaker, the clip will make it easy to remove and transfer from one person to another.


While it's nice to plan most of your hiking outings when the weather is pleasant, there will be times that may encounter rain on your hikes. You don't want the arrival of showers to bring an end to your music, so it's important to buy a portable speaker that is water-resistant. Many speakers have durable plastic designs that will keep the water at bay. Browse a selection of portable speakers at a local electronics retailer to find the right product to take on your upcoming hikes.

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