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Convenient Wireless Charging For An Electric Vehicle

An electric vehicle (EV) may seem like a convenient way to get from point A to point B, without needing to refuel or be concerned about toxic fumes. When contemplating the purchase of an EV, however, you may decline the opportunity to do so, if you are concerned about charging up your vehicle for long stints or being unable to find a charging station. Wireless vehicle charging is a new technological advance that will make it more convenient than ever to own an electric vehicle.

The Technology Involved

An electric vehicle charging setup consists of a charger, which sits on a floor or a driveway, and an adapter, which is installed to the undercarriage of a vehicle. The charger itself will need to be connected to an electrical outlet, but the wiring that is attached to the charger won't be cumbersome or awkward to lift and connect. The adapter needs to be installed by a mechanic and is a part that can be removed from the bottom of a car if a vehicle owner has decided to sell their electric car and upgrade to a newer model.

By saving the adapter, they will be able to purchase a comparable car model that can be charged with the same equipment. While a car is parked on top of a charging pad, an electrical current is transferred through the coils that are contained within the adapter. This process will allow an electric car owner to park their car inside of their garage or in their driveway, without being inconvenienced by needing to plug in a thick, weighty hose, in order to charge their vehicle's battery.

The Time Saving Capabilities

Charging your electric vehicle at home, at work, or at a commercial business that offers public charging stations are the options that are at your disposal, but with the addition of a charging pad, you may discover that you don't need to take time out of the day, in order to get your vehicle's battery fully charged.

Each EV model will come with a time frame, in which a full battery will last. This will allow you to pinpoint how much traveling you can do before charging will be necessary. By investing in a charging pad setup, you will never be responsible for looking up the locations of charging stations or waiting at a commercial location, while your vehicle's battery is being recharged.

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