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3 Ways To Get The Most Money Out Of Your Used Iphone

One of the greatest advantages of buying top-quality phones is if they are properly cared for, you can almost always sell your iPhone for cash when you are ready to upgrade to a new model. There are websites all across the web that streamline the process of selling a phone in a fast manner so you can pocket your cash for your next phone. Plus, even local phone dealers tend to pay cash for unwanted cell phones in good shape. But how do you get the most out of your used phone when you decide to sell it? Here are a few things you can do to ensure you are offered the highest amount of cash for your old phone. 

Clean up your phone thoroughly. 

Your phone may not look all that dirty, but if you look close enough, there are probably grimy smudges on the screen, grit stuffed in crevices, and all kinds of dirt that will not look appealing in the eyes of a buyer. Before you take your phone to a buyer for an offer, take the time to clean it thoroughly. Make sure you:

  • Use a toothpick to clean any crevices or cracks
  • Wipe down the phone with an alcohol pad to remove any fingerprints and smudges
  • Clean around the camera opening, charging port, and headphone jack
  • Remove the back and clean off any dust and dirt with a soft dry cloth

Collect all original accessories. 

Just having everything that the hone originally came with in the box can make the hone more valuable. So collect everything that the phone came with that you do still have around and take it with you to the seller. In general, the more like new the phone is, the more you will be offered. So if you still have the box the phone came in, the user's manual the phone came with, and the included accessories, you will probably get a higher cash offer. 

Restore your phone to its factory default settings. 

One final tip before you take your phone to a buyer to get an offer is to go ahead and reset the phone to its original state. It's harder for a buyer to see the phone as like-new or gently used if you still have all of your apps downloaded, personalizations set, and otherwise. Performing a quick factory reset will wipe out all data, so make sure you back up whatever you want to keep to use with your new phone. 

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