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Features To Look For In An LED Wall Pack

LED lighting has revolutionized how you can illuminate your home. LED lights are much easier to maintain and are often waterproof. This allows for LED lights to be placed in locations that would not be practical for conventional lighting methods. If you would like to mount LED lights to a wall, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right one. 

Understand How LED Lighting Can Be Used

LED lighting is not only used to improve visibility, but is also often used for decorative purposes. LED lights create a welcoming atmosphere and can also be used to draw attention to the most beautiful parts of your home. For instance, you may choose to use LED lights to draw attention to a painting.

Prioritize Lumens Over Wattage

Wattage matters. Watts will give you a sense of how much energy the LED wall pack will use. However, even more important are the lumens. A lumen is a measurement of how much the LED wall pack will illuminate your home. The more lumens that a wall pack has, the more it will illuminate its area. 

Choose Packs With Motion Lighting And Photo Sensors

A great LED wall pack will illuminate with the help of motion sensors. This will help keep your energy consumption levels low because the light will only shine when someone is nearby. This feature will also allow your LED wall to provide security. Another way to save energy is with photo cell LED wall packs. These detect ambient light and will shut off the LED Lights when they are not needed. Because photo cells are usually factory-installed, it is not necessary to pay for a separate installation. 

Choose The Right Bulb

The type of bulb you should choose is based on what you will be using your LED light for. Spot lights and flood lights are best for outdoor applications when the LED light must illuminate the largest area possible. Candle bulbs, on the other hand, are used most often for decorative purposes. A-line bulbs are best suited for indoor illumination. Globe lights are best for bathrooms and pendant lighting. 

Decide Which Color And Shade Is Right For You

There are almost limitless colors to choose from when selecting LED lights. LED lights can also be chosen based on their shades. These include soft white, bright white and daylight. 

Choose DLC Listed LEDs

Given how energy-efficient LED lights are, rebates are provided if the LED is DLC listed. Because this will significantly reduce the price of LED lights, there is little reason not to install an LED wall pack

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