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Reasons To Convert To Thermal Cameras For Your Commercial Property Security

As a small business owner, security should be one of your top priorities. If you've been looking into video surveillance and camera systems for your property, you may be wondering if thermal imaging is worth the investment. Before you spend anything on your new camera system, here's a look at a few reasons why you should consider thermal cameras over the traditional optical ones. 

Thermal Cameras Reduce False Alarms

Since thermal cameras actually identify heat signatures, it reduces the chances of an alarm triggering due to other objects activating a motion sensor or camera. This not only reduces your company's charges for unnecessary alarm responses, it also allows your monitoring company to optimize their time, because they won't be reviewing excess alarm activation.

Thermal Imaging Is Great For Perimeter Security

Keeping the exterior perimeter secure is never an easy task. Anything that's remotely accessible by the public needs to be closely monitored for any signs of intrusion, vandalism, and more. When you use a thermal camera system for your perimeter security, you don't need to worry about unclear images or a reflection keeping you from seeing an intruder around your property. The cameras can be installed to give you a 360-degree view of your property's perimeter, making it nearly penetration-proof. You can choose from many different camera models, and you may even be able to identify intruders as far as 600 feet from your building.

Visibility Is Better With Thermal Cameras

Traditional optical cameras have a few downfalls in their function. First, they don't always work well in low light, which means you need to install flood lights for visibility. This also means you only get visibility in those lit areas. Thermal cameras don't need light since they rely on heat, so you don't have to worry about the excess expense of added lights or the vulnerability of the dimly lit areas.

In addition, where optical cameras can't spot a potential intruder in thick vegetation or through certain landscaping, thermal cameras can still identify the variation in the heat levels in those areas. This helps you to identify problems more easily and more reliably.

Adverse Weather Isn't As Problematic

Optical cameras are more prone to problems with severe weather conditions, as the camera itself can be obstructed by rain on the lens, debris on the sensor, and more. With a thermal system, you'll get more reliable images even in these weather conditions. The only real problems you may experience are in periods of particularly dense snowfall or fog.

If you have other questions about whether thermal cameras would provide better security for your business, talk to representatives at companies like Infrared Cameras Inc.

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