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Look For These Case Features To Protect Your Smartphone

Identifying a store in your community that specializes in repairing iPhones will allow you to get your device fixed in the event of a problem. However, it's also important to be proactive in protecting your iPhone, and one of the best ways to do so is to invest in a high-quality case. When many people shop for a case for their iPhone, they make the mistake of focusing on a case with visual appeal. And, while you might like the idea of a case shaped like an animal or that features the logo of your favorite sports team, you should also be considering how well the case will protect your iPhone. Here are some features that the case should have.

An Elevated Edge

One of the most common reasons to need your iPhone repaired is due to a cracked screen. This problem can arise quickly as a result of dropping your phone while walking or having it slip off your leg while you're seated on the bus. If your iPhone case has an elevated edge, however, the screen will not make contact with the ground. A slight edge around the front side of the case will be the part that hits the ground, protecting the screen.

A Screen Protector

Some cases come with a screen protector that you can apply directly onto your iPhone's screen after you install the case. A screen protector is a key feature that will help to protect your device. If you have your phone in the same pocket as your keys, spare change, or anything else made of metal, these hard objects could scratch the screen. Although the device will still be usable, you might need to have it repaired because one area of the screen is difficult to see through. A screen protector that comes with your case will prevent such an issue.

A Grippy Surface

You'll often come across iPhone cases that are made of sleek plastic. These might look sharp, but they're ineffective due to the nature of their surface. When you buy an iPhone case, you want it to be covered in some type of grippy material. Some cases, for example, have rubber strips along the sides. This feature is valuable because it helps you hold onto your device with greater ease. Conversely, a slick case can allow you to drop the phone by accident. When you're able to safely keep your device in your hand, you're taking a key step toward not having it get damaged and require repair.

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